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About Ms. Winnie Lung and Icicle Inc. (a parent co. of NutUSA)


For more than twelve years, Icicle Inc. (the parent company of NutUSA) has been a leading import-export company in New York City. In recent years, Icicle has been working to meet the rapidly growing demand for high quality snack products in China. Joining with American orchards, Icicle has been part of a dramatic growth in the export of nuts in shell from the United States to China.


In 2008 Icicle Inc and Hudson Pecan Company signed a joint venture agreement, to develop and expand sales to the China market. Hudson Pecan Company has a 900 acre orchard with hulling, processing, roasting and packing facilities at their premises. There is comprehensive quality control for every load. Hudson has been a grower for 150 years, run by the Hudson family for 3 generations. We also partner with other orchards in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas to get various types of pecans according to the demands of our customers. The harvest in Mexico and North America takes place in Oct and Nov. In South Africa, the harvest is in April and May, we work with suppliers in both regions of the world to assure a year-round supply.

All our customers get the best quality and low prices without any middle man or agent involved, being informed every step of the way as they work directly with the grower in the USA.

You are invited to call our office in the USA (917-757-3111 or 212-827-0890) or Hong Kong (852-2481-2183) for Ms Eva Chung.

We look forward to speaking with you!


About Winnie Lung, President, Icicle

Winnie Lung began her career in Hong Kong and came to New York in 1986. She quickly built a successful company that grew from half a million dollars to 13 million dollars within ten years. In 2002, the United States Commerce Department gave Winnie Lung the Minority Business Award for her outstanding achievements in business. Her story was featured on Phoenix Satellite Television in China.